February 6, 2023

We're Changemakers

Bilingual graphic with the number 100 at the centre in yellow, blues and greens.

We all have those special moments in life, the ones that take you by surprise, and stay with you forever as something really special.

On Tuesday, for the Benthyg team, one of those moments happened.  Benthyg Cymru was included in the Future Generations Commissioners 100 Future Changemakers list recognising the impact of our work on the future of Wales, and Benthyg Directors were invited along to a ceremony that included incredible projects and organisations making a difference across Wales.

Becky, Jane and Ella stand together with Cardiff Bay behind them.


We were even more please to see 3 of our advisory board on the list too, making waves in their own fields as well as supporting Benthyg Cymru.

Network Changemakers

But it wasn’t special for the reason you might think it would be.  It wasn’t about individual glory or recognition.  

Instead, this was about something far more special; recognition of a movement.  Recognition of people, from all corners of Wales, coming together because of a shared vision and common goals.  Recognition of our network of incredible, wonderful changemakers, that have all, over the past two years, felt that libraries of things were a way they could have a positive impact on their community, it’s people and our planet.  This, is recognition of you.   

So to all you future changemakers, we salute you.  We thank you for being on this journey with us.  For every school uniform borrowed in Bethesda (Petha), to every carpet cleaner borrowed in Llanidloes, to every strimmer borrowed in Splott, you are making a difference. You are reducing consumption, reducing waste, and every day you take us one step closer to that greener fairer future we all want to see.  

And by coming together like this, we are saying, together: we can do things differently. 

Better together

That's what Benthyg Cymru is about, and that’s what’s so special.  Knowing that we are not alone.  Knowing that countless others across Wales want to achieve the same.  And knowing that all you wonderful people share our journey, as frustrating as things like insurance and risk mitigation may sometimes be.


Three years ago, there was 1 Library of Things in Wales.  Now there are 15, with more in the pipeline.  

So, to each and everyone of you who came to Benthyg for help, to each end everyone of you who was catalogued, repaired or borrowed -this is about you. By coming together, by working towards a shared vision of a greener, fairer society, you are changing the path of our future in Wales, and you deserve this, and to the borrowers, volunteers and supporters this is for you you too.

Llongyfarchiadau! 👏👏👏