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The Benthyg Cymru network is growing!


Search the map to find your local branch and start borrowing:

Benthyg Cymru Take Sharing Offline

Benthyg Cymru is Wales’ Library of Things and has one simple goal; to make borrowing as easy as popping out for a loaf of bread.

Benthyg (pronounced ben-thig) is a welsh word meaning borrow or lend.

It has been set up to provide benefit to communities around Wales by creating a culture of resilience and environmental sustainability that brings communities together to share items, knowledge and skills. 

Benthyg Cymru Share More Consume Less
Benthyg Cymru Tools

Our vision is to create a Wales-wide network of Benthygs with a branch in every neighbourhood, so wherever you are in Wales, you can borrow whatever you need cheaply and easily.


Items available to borrow include gardening and DIY tools, camping equipment and much more, all available to borrow for less than you'd expect to pay second hand, and with the opportunity to pay in time instead of cash. 

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