November 28, 2023

Magic Moments Don't Cost the Earth

A simple candle with evergreen foliage

Christmas should be magical right?

We want it to be perfect: delicious food, gorgeous place settings and a house dripping in tasteful décor and twinkly lights. The perfect outfit for the big day, the perfect tree, the perfect presents, and Bing Crosby gently crooning in the background as the family sit around, opening presents, laughing and loving all they get.  

But Christmas isn’t always like that, and often we get so caught up in the frantic panic to buy stuff to create the perfect Christmas; the stress, pressure and debt accumulated means that the ‘perfect day’ may pass us by under all the pressure to keep up with the Joneses

Help us celebrate the magic moments

So, this year Benthyg Cymru is calling for people to recognise the importance of ‘moments’ not ‘stuff’.  Relaxed, happy, fun times with the family are what we want to celebrate, and we're asking you to share your stories with us.

Be part of the campaign by:

  • - Sharing your story (video text image) on social media.
  • - Tag @benthyg in your post  
  • - Use the hashtags #SpendTimeNotMoney and #GwariwchAmserNidArian
  • - Email us your favourite festive story at

We’ll be sharing your favourite magic memories on our page in the run up to Christmas to celebrate the magic of memories from all across Wales!

Borrow don't buy this Christmas

And remember, at Benthyg we’re all about sharing resources, and across Wales we have 20 libraries of things within our network that have items you can borrow to help create those magic moments with loved ones.  

Household waste goes up by 30% over the Christmas period, and in the UK we throw away around 10,000 tonnes of plastic packing during the festivities.1 This has an impact on our planet, and borrowing items means that we can drastically reduce waste over the Christmas period, and the items we use are available for others to use all year round

From popcorn makers and projectors for big Christmas Movie nights, karaoke machines for the works do, baking trays and cookie cutters for baking sessions with the kids, and fancy dress costumes - you can borrow some pretty cool stuff that can make your Christmas extra special.

Find your nearest Library of Things here.

This holiday season let’s celebrate our magic moments and remember that they don’t need to cost the earth!