April 4, 2024

How to use Welsh if you don't speak Welsh

A flag blowing in the wind - the flag is rectangular half white half green, with a red dragon on it. It's the Welsh Flag

Benthyg is a Wales wide network of Libraries of Things – and we’re proud to be Welsh! In fact one of our organisational goals is to make the word 'Benthyg' part of everyone's vocabulary.

The Welsh language is special, it has some of the oldest literature in Europe,  and we feel it’s important to use the language as much as possible – it’s part of our identity!

But we understand that not all groups or communities are Welsh speaking, so here are a few tips on how to use Welsh, even if you don’t speak Welsh!

Get started

Firstly, wherever possible, we’d recommend trying to make all your communications bilingual.  (Welsh/English together or separate?)  Online translation tools can be useful for this, but we’d only recommend using them if you have a Welsh speaker who can proofread – they can throw up some howlers!

Far better is to use Hello Blod – a free online translation service by Business Wales. They’ll translate up to 500 words a month, or check up to 1000 words a month – and unlike search engine translators they are verified and correct!

Sometimes, if speed is of essence, for a quick social media post for example, you may feel you don’t have time to wait for a translation.  But we’d still recommend trying to use at least a word or two of Welsh.  It helps show the Welsh language is alive and cherished, and helps get your identity across; as a Welsh group doing great things for the communities and people of Wales!  

Here are a few key words of phrases you may want to consider using:

Bendigedig – Wonderful

Arbennig – Special

Gwirfoddolwyr – Volunteers

Benthyg – (you should know this one 😊 ) – Borrow

Ail-ddefnyddio – Reuse

Trwshio - Repair

Gwastraff/Di-wastraff – Waste/ Zero Waste

Cymuned/Cymunedau – Community/Communities

Hapus – Happy

Bore/pnawn/nos Da – Good Morning/afternoon/night

Economi Gylchol – Circular Economy

Amgylchedd - Environment

This is you sign to use some welsh today!