February 26, 2023

New Website is Go!

Cartoon drawing of 4 people sharing a garden fork and a kitchen mixer. They are stood in front of clouds and a sun-rays with a pair of hands shaking each other.

We have a new website!

But.....What was wrong with the old one you say? Nothing really but it was focussed on us - we wanted our website to focus more on the network, the people and communities in Wales making borrowing a reality. The heroes of the story.

When we opened Wales first Library of Things (LoT) back in 2017 we had a dream that we could help others in Wales start something too, and so here we are with a new website where borrowers can find their nearest Library of Things and you can get the help you need to start something where you are!

Jane Booty (Co-founder and Director)

We're really pleased to be able to support and develop Libraries of Things in Wales, this website is just a small part of what we do to bring the borrowing revolution to you!

Our new and improved website will let you search for your nearest LoT and give you a link to contact them directly. You'll also be able to find out information on the borrowing process and how to set up your own LoT.

Members Area

The network in Wales is 15 and growing, at the quarterly network meetings members share challenges and solutions and it was here that the they told us that our toolkit was hard to navigate. We listened and now we have an exclusive members area where LoTs in Wales can find the toolkit in bitesize and searchable chapters. You'll find everything from borrowers agreements to Insurance requirements, Community mapping to finding volunteers. Whatever it is - we have you covered.

Onwards and Upwards

We have a vision that wherever you are in Wales you'll be able to find a Library of Things near your house, and that all these libraries will be run by the communities they serve so that the items will be just right and owned by those communities.  

We want to see a world where we use less and share more, where profit and ownership is last on the list not first. We’re not against ownership, we just want to see a world where we make better use of our resources, and we think that means sharing more stuff instead of owning more stuff

Here in Wales we are leading the way – we're the first to take a networked approach

We have some big challenges coming up - how do we make borrowing as easy as popping out for a loaf of bread and make sure everyone who wants to borrow can?

We think the answer is in accessibility, awareness and sustainability


You live close enough to a Library of Things.

You can get something delivered to your door and then picked up at a touch of a button.

Systems that are built for all abilities.  

Libraries of Things in Wales linked together - sharing inventory, sharing borrowers.


You see people borrowing more and buying less

Show the impact of borrowing in Wales on peoples environment and pockets


Benthyg Cymru becomes a sustainable business so we can continue to support Libraries of Things in Wales

We support Libraries of Things in Wales to become sustainable so that they can continue support the communities they serve  

Becky Harford (Director and Co-founder)

As we look to the future, we need to make sure our systems are fit for purpose, that means people being able to borrow quickly and easily both online and offline. We’re determined to bring the borrowing revolution to every street in Wales.

A new era

We have supported 15 communities to set up their own LoTs until now. We want to support more but we will also continue to support the existing network members. As we become more accomplished our role at Benthyg Cymru will change - we expect to facilitate the network more, so they can support each other. We'll continue to push our message and ethos and the network will continue to grow and flourish.  

Libraries of Things in Wales as of January 2022

A final word from Ella (Co-founder and Director)

Borrowing instead of buying can help people save money in their pockets and space in their homes as well as reducing their carbon footprint.  This new website will help communities around Wales find their nearest Library of Things and discover for themselves that borrowing is best!

So if you want to save money, save space and save the planet borrow something or start something today!